Behind the screens of Sans Serif’s major glow-up

Kickoff shenanigans

Over the past 11 years, Sans Serif has evolved from a small shop in San Francisco to a digital dream team spanning three time zones. All along we’ve been defined by agility and expertise: big enough to take on the highest profile clients but small enough to be nimble. Following 2020, fueled by a mix of pandemic necessity, our strong long-term client relationships, and a hint of magic, we confidently embraced the world of remote work. In many ways, it’s the same Sans Serif it’s always been. In many others, we’ve been transformed and expanded. We’re more diverse, more distributed, and more capable.  

To reflect who we’ve become and where we’re aiming to go, it was time for a Sans Serif refresh of our brand and website. We’re proud of it. Take a look!

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Building our not-so-secret club 

In 2011, Sans Serif founder David Shultz had a spark of inspiration, envisioning a firm where tech met design in a delightful tango. And just like that, the independent design agency Sans Serif twirled into the scene. Distilling daunting tech into compelling stories became our specialty. We dived deep on projects, exploring everything from the mind-bending microscopic world of semiconductors to the curiosities of electrochromic glass, giving our predominantly Silicon Valley clients (at first) a fresh look and voice. At Sans Serif, we’re not just geeking out; it’s about ensuring that everyone, from techies to total newbies, gets the gist. Our cocktail of curiosity, can-do spirit, and a dash of “let’s simplify this!” set us apart.

Word-of-mouth referrals and our commitment to quality spurred solid growth. Our team’s loyalty and our clients’ trust opened doors to new clients—from budding startups to industry titans like Intel and Cisco. But it wasn’t just the tech giants; industry leaders like Sephora and Autodesk took note of our branding and event marketing brilliance, too, and came knocking.

While we faced our share of challenges—economic downturns and technological upheavals—we adapted, pivoted, and danced to a new rhythm. Today, Sans Serif’s reach stretches across the US. And even as we’ve grown and shifted, we continue to celebrate lasting, genuine client relationships. Here’s to many more delightful encounters!

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Sans Serif’s new groove 

2021 wasn’t just another year for Sans Serif. We experienced our digital coming of age. We grew, and not just in the “need-new-office-chairs” way. We’ve expanded our capabilities. The Sans Serif team has welcomed a group of talented individuals who have collectively elevated our creative, operational, and strategic prowess.

Our new additions bring a wealth of experience and expertise across various domains, empowering us to take on even more ambitious projects. With a diverse range of backgrounds and a shared commitment to excellence, these new members have a track record of reimagining major projects, especially for renowned Fortune 500 companies, in their previous roles. Now, they are poised to bring the same level of innovation and dedication to Sans Serif.

In addition to these talented individuals, our agency has broadened its offerings with the introduction of new roles. The expansion includes positions like Director of Strategy and Content and Senior Project Manager and Producer, both of which have significantly enhanced our ability to provide innovative solutions and manage complex projects. The former has elevated and formalized strategy as a deliverable and wrangled our approach to content and copy. The latter, in her producer capacity, has introduced serious video expertise, including productions and on-site shoots.

With such talent aboard, we’re not just fortifying our foundations. We’re reaching for the stars. Our loyal partners can attest to our digital expertise and steadfast dedication to exceptional branding. We are, and always have been, focused on blending strategy, aesthetics, and clear objectives for a unified outcome.

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A fresh coat of paint 

There’s something transformative about renewing a space you love. It’s like rediscovering it all over again. That’s precisely what we aimed for with Sans Serif’s updated visual identity. Here’s a snapshot of our evolved design language: 

Sun-kissed yellow  

In an era where many agencies default to muted palettes or the ubiquitous techy blue, Sans Serif stands apart with a vibrant yellow—a hue saturated with positivity, creativity, and energy. Just as the sun is integral to our solar system, the updated shade embodies our aspiration: to be a central force for our clients, consistently radiating warmth, innovation, and leadership. This isn’t just a color selection—it signifies our brand’s unwavering commitment and the energy we invest in every project.

Typography tells a tale 

Typography often sets the first impression. Sans Serif’s choice to continue to embrace TT Norms represents our playfulfulness, confidence, and engagement. While TT Norms is a contemporary typeface, it’s rooted in timeless design principles, underscoring our ethos: approachability blended with enduring sophistication. It’s more than just a typeface—it’s our silent brand ambassador, versatile enough for both impactful headlines and intricate content. It captures our brand voice visually.

Dynamic by design

In the vibrant world of design, merely following the playbook is like ordering plain toast—bland. Every choice on Sans Serif’s revamped site reveals aspects of our DNA. Our design, bursting with fun yet crafted with finesse, positions us as discerning digital curators. We’ve opted for bold, chunky fonts that mingle seamlessly with sophisticated design elements, reflecting our playful yet precise ethos. Our visuals, robust and impactful, mirror the audacity of our ideas. Those slick page animations? They’re more than just eye candy. They encapsulate our zest for innovation, enhancing user engagement and underlining our cool, contemporary vibe. Beyond aesthetics, this design overhaul sharpens our narrative, crystallizing our identity and magnifying our services. In short, we’re not just showcasing our expertise; we're baring our brand soul, vividly and valiantly.

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Onward to the next adventure! 

Our revamped presence isn’t just a facelift—it’s a testament to our journey and evolution. At its heart, the renewed Sans Serif brand and website isn’t about flashy design or trend-chasing; it’s a distilled expression of who we are and where we’re going. Our site, with its blend of elegance, vividness, and warmth, is tailored to give you an unmatched experience.

Why the change? In today’s digital age, it’s essential to find that sweet spot between charisma and function. We’ve peppered our content with valuable insights to satisfy our community’s knowledge cravings, and for the ambitious souls looking to join us, the path has never been clearer.

To sum it up, the new Sans Serif isn’t just a site—it’s the next chapter in our story, our vision, and our commitment to excellence. As we chart our course through the digital seas, one truth remains: We’re on this voyage together, always aiming for brilliance. Dive in, explore, and be a part of our exciting next adventure.