Longtime client Cisco wins top honors for its outstanding corporate events, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it

Congratulations to our client, Cisco

Longtime client Cisco is committed to executing world-class, bar-raising events for its customers, employees, and partners. Recently, the company received Platinum Muse Creative Awards for its Cisco IMPACT and Cisco Partner Summit events. We’re proud to have supported with event branding, design, and creative work.

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The awards

The MUSE Creative Awards are a prestigious collection of prizes given for “excellence and innovation in the realms of creative design, advertising, and digital media” that “honors the extraordinary craft that shapes compelling narratives and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.” Given for design and creative excellence in tiers that reflect a combination of innovation and the use of best practices, Cisco received highest honors—Platinum—for both Cisco IMPACT and Cisco Partner Summit.

How we supported

Cisco IMPACT and Cisco Partner Summit are both huge events that bring together the work of many agencies and countless internal Cisco resources like The Hatch and its committed, inspiring events team. Sans Serif collaborated with all of these partners and led the creation and deployment of a number of deliverables.

For Cisco IMPACT FY24 that included:

  • Marketing emails to generate excitement and lead attendees through the entire event engagement journey, from first contact and save-the-date communications through post-event communications and surveys, innovating new media for our client along the way
  • A marketing website serving as the first threshold to attendee enablement, allowing the global team to register, book travel, and receive critical communications
  • A comprehensive event platform that served as the anchor digital touchpoint before, during, and after the event
  • Design for a new gamification component called The Quest
  • Countless digital deliverables and extensive brand consulting to keep partners on brand and on message

And for Cisco Partner Summit 2023:

  • A dynamic marketing site that communicated with Cisco’s external sales partners and generated excitement for a flagship networking, education, and recognition event
  • A comprehensive event platform serving as the event’s anchor digital touchpoint
  • Innumerable digital design deliverables and brand guidance

Proud to share in our clients’ and creative partners’ success

We’re thrilled when our clients are recognized for their commitment to excellence, and we’re honored to be a part of that success. Further, we at Sans Serif love collaboration and the opportunity to partner creatively with other outstanding agencies like GPJ, Tencue, Jaguar, and FanKave.

Cisco is one of our most longstanding clients and we’re always overjoyed when they receive recognition for their efforts and commitment to outstanding creative and events in support of a world-renowned brand. We’re happy to empower our clients to create cohesive, unifying, trust-building events with seamless audience enablement from first touchpoint through follow up surveys.

Congratulations Cisco!

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