Helping our long-term client Cisco execute its live flagship event for its global team, enhancing participant’s digital experience from first contact through final survey 

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General session production, media, and design:


Gamification development:


Cisco, one of the biggest networking technology companies in the world, brings together its global sales and marketing team in Las Vegas annually for its flagship event, Cisco IMPACT. The event, which includes a digital format as well, is an opportunity for networking, education, and strategic alignment, to ensure sales success year over year. We’ve partnered with Cisco and other creative agencies including GPJ and Tencue for several years on its event branding, design, and attendee enablement. This year we worked on marketing communications for emails, Webex, registration site and the marketing site, and we created a design system and technical constraints for a comprehensive multi-state event platform for both in-person and digital attendees.  

Digital Experience
Event Marketing

Expanding a visual design system for limitless digital touchpoints, including gamification  

Cisco established the FY24 verbal theme, “Break Away,” and its internal creative team, The Hatch, developed a visual identity hero image. To align the many creative partners involved, we took their basic visual design system and broadened its application to a wide variety of digital touchpoints, including an event icon library and an app that gamifies some of the training offered at Cisco IMPACT. From first contact through email through registration, session selection, and participation, our robust system created an integrated, strategically on-message suite of assets to guide and enable attendees. 

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Pushing visuals and media for enhanced excitement 

Receiving communications about Cisco IMPACT on a schedule year after year could get dry. So we worked to push the visuals of communications about the event this year, including an anticipation-building pre-launch video and animations in various assets. The animations employed the hero imagery provided by Cisco, elevating the story with movement, driving home the key messaging: This is our moment to own our success and break away. 

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Introducing heightened engagement with gamification 

Cisco decided to gamify parts of its training this year to motivate its team to be competitive and to boost engagement. We collaborated with partner agency Fankave to design a branded gamified app where attendees earned points for completing training activities, as well as assets that were placed around the live event for an immersive education experience throughout.

We also designed the various prizes attendees could win by competing. 

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Collaborating through all stages of execution 

This year also featured heightened collaboration between our creative team and Cisco’s development team to update to a new platform design, including new content and new functionality.

We’re especially proud of our long-term partnerships. Working closely with the client, we were able to maintain the incredibly high quality of a global event, integrate and facilitate a multi-month journey from first contact through final survey, and elevate digital and on-site engagement through strategically driven design and execution. Cisco’s team left inspired, aligned, and ready for another successful fiscal year.