B2B marketing campaign

Communicating a subtle innovation with big implications for an industry resistant to change

Additional credits (now known as Bill) is a digital financial operations platform that came to us with a key insight: most of the time small businesses spend interacting with banks is for invoices and invoicing, rather than traditional bank services. Integrating had the potential to expand a bank’s services and deepen their client relationships.

The challenge: the banking industry is sophisticated and often change-adverse. needed a campaign to demonstrate the value of their insight and overcome the reluctance of a traditionally conservative industry.

Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
UX/UI Design

The message: Putting you at the center of your customer’s world

Based on’s positioning as a solution for small business partners’ most prominent banking needs, we strategized and executed a B2B marketing campaign to raise awareness among banks and to persuade them to adopt it. To begin, we crafted a compelling and difficult to ignore customer-centric concept as the basis of the campaign: be the center of your customer’s world. The increased connection with customers had the potential to give banks greater visibility into their customer’s financial health.

Bringing the message to life with a flexible visual system

To execute the campaign, we developed a versatile visual system and messaging to effectively make the case. The visual system included an adapted offshoot of’s larger corporate brand including color and brand personality, expressed through graceful curved paths, circles, and foci to express this shifted customer-centric perspective as a business growth opportunity. The cyclical visuals illustrated customer-centricity. Direct, friendly copy relied on the metaphorical expression of the visuals to make a powerful case: offers a compelling way to expand offerings to small and medium businesses, strengthen partnerships, and enhance customer loyalty.

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Effective digital execution

As a digital platform, the online look and feel had to be flawless, consistent, and on point. And of course, compelling. We created marketing and awareness-raising assets that carried the customer-centered message through’s most critical digital channels to effectively reach their audience. Digital assets included branded emails, informational brochures, and landing pages, among many others.

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Limitless touchpoints

In light of the change-averse industry sought to reach, we also created traditional hard copy assets including brochures and at-a-glance summaries distilling the story. No matter the mode of communication, the visual-verbal system we created preserved the message of customer-centricity and partnership as an opportunity for growth with banks’ small and medium sized business clients.

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Growth at the center of’s world

Bill has become the leading automated, cloud-based solution for financial operations. With creative strategy, research, and an evocative and integrated visual-verbal approach to their B2B marketing and awareness campaign we helped Bill make the case and demonstrate the need for their services to a tough industry to break through to. The result: growth for Bill and improved services and increased customer loyalty for banks.